Debate #3 — Human cloning should be legalized in the United States

Debate #4— The US Government should fund a space mission to Mars

Debate #5— Smoking should be illegal

Debate #6— People should be fined for not recycling

Debate #7— Animal testing should be banned

Debate #8— Drone attacks against specific targets are a necessary part of modern warfare

Debate #9— Parents should be able to genetically enhance their children

Debate #10— Public High Schools should provide daycare for students

Debate #11— Personal weapons, except for those commonly used in hunting, should be banned from public sale

Debate #12—”Hip-Hop” Music Culture is a net negative on young people and “destroys” their minds

Debate #13— It should be illegal to sell fountain soda cups in excess of 12 ounces in stores and restaurants

Debate #14—Democracy is the best form of government

Debate #15—If freedom of speech is a right, and the 21st century will dominantly communicate via the web, than the government is obligated to provide wireless networks city-wide

Debate #16—Cosmetic Surgery is a Net Negative on American Society

Debate #17—Illegal Immigrants should receive Driver’s Licenses

Debate #18—The United States Government should legalize the sale of Human Organs

Debate #19—Drug Tests should be required to make a recipient eligible for Welfare

Debate #20—All Nations have a right to Nuclear Weapons

Debate #21—States should legalize Polygamy

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