READING—The “Aeneid” of Vergil was Rome’s first great Latin epic. The story of the Trojan hero Aeneas and his escape from Troy following the aftermath of the Trojan war. After his escape, Aeneas travels many places and encounters many friends and enemies. However, this work could have never been completed without Homer, the author of the famous Greek epics: “The Illiad and The Odyssey.” Vergil based his story off the works of Homer, telling his story in a similar fashion.

Your assignment: Read “The Odyssey” and accomplish the following tasks:

1. Answer the questions in the Odyssey Packet

2. How does Odysseus personify “pietas” (piety)? Is he a pious man or not? Give examples to prove your point. (1 page)

Homer’s Odyssey

Homer’s Odyssey Packet

AENEID VOCAB—Review the most common 279 Vocabulary words in the Aeneid (most of which you have already encountered in Wheelock).

Core Vocabulary

ASSESSMENT—During the first week of school, you will have both a Vocabulary test and a thematic essay test on the Odyssey.

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