Saint Thomas Aquinas

ABOUT ST. THOMAS AQUINAS – Patron Saint of Catholic Schools and Scholars

FEAST DAY: January 28th

Saint Thomas Aquinas is one of the most famous saints of the Catholic Church, called the ‘Doctor of the Church’—being both theologian and philosopher.

It seems fit to have such a man as the patron of a Catholic Christian school.

At the heart of Aquinas’ work is the merging of both faith and philosophy, Christ and Aristotle. To many in the church of his time, this was a heretical idea—Scholasticism. The two paradigms, in their mind, were as far from each other as oil is from water, light from darkness, Christ from vile Greek philosophical paganism.

Aquinas, however, believed that education—primarily philosophy—being that it sought truth, necessarily was intertwined with the creator and God of truth itself.

Education—science, philosophy, or any such study—could only illuminate the mind and character of our creator and did not stand in opposition to it.

Faith and Education belong together. They are not diametrically opposed to one another, as those in the past and as some voices still say today. Both the mind and soul need nourishment and Aquinas is a testament to how they work together.

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